Saturday, 26 December 2015

December, 2015

24th December, 2015

Dear all,

It's the end of the year and Christmas is tomorrow. Remember to hang the stockings and prepare for Santa's yearly deliveries. Also, happy birthday to all those who were born this time of year, as extra special arrivals!

The last six months have been challenging, but very rewarding. Since July I've been completing 4 units of specialisation, which I finished today. It's such a relief to have them completed. 400 hours of study over, balanced between writing articles, adding content to the website, reading and researching my new field of expertise, and a little left over for family projects and arrangements. I am exhausted! Oh, and another certificate course which I'll have finished in the next few weeks. Then a little more study and I'm free from Professional Development tasks until the end of 2016. It's always nice to be ahead of schedule.

This month I wanted to feature some articles of Christmas cheer, while throwing in some fun videos to bring joy to your week of celebrating. I realise a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas in a traditional sense, so I tried to include secular activities and subjects that people would enjoy.

Martin Spurlock of the Supersize Me fame has created this documentary to address the debt related to Christmas and the ideals of materialism that are held during the holiday season. Featuring Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping choir, who travel the department stores and share their newly-phrased Christmas songs. A documentary for anyone who thinks presents are too focused on.

This is an article about all the features of Christmas celebration and what risks they hold for our furry friends. Christmas is a time of joy, not costly vet bills, so protect your fluffy companions this Christmas and make sure you are choosing pet-safe options

Minecraft is a game of creativity experience by thousands, and addicted to by many. All age brackets have enjoyed this game immensely using mods and alterations to make the game even more fun. I wanted to feature this game -- being a player of it myself -- as one of the games to share with family and friends this Christmas. A game without gore, bad language or age limitations -- even your early starters can enjoy the simplicity, but highly adaptable game modes.

Recently, I was researching pet rescue facilities after finding some potentially abandoned kittens in our front garden, hiding under the stack of trees we've planted.  It reminded me of homelessness during Christmas and what it means to have a second chance at life. Being the time of Jesus's birth, who was a symbol of new starts, I wanted to uncover what rescue homes can achieve, and what new journeys their animals can face.

Because Christmas is about wishing the have-nots get a joyous time too! There have been many version of Annie, the musical. We've seen her performed on stage and in film, different actresses bursting out with Tomorrow and Hard Knock Life. Now, this 2014 version seeks to reinvent the musical, but the results caused a great deal of complaint when the new Annie wasn't a ginger. How far is too far when re-creating a classic?

I also hope everyone has a wonderful New Years. With a new year coming, and all my OPD studies completed, the website almost ready for full launch, and the new initiatives of ready for commencement, the next year looks to be very bright from here. May your new year seem just as promising.

Stay safe, happy and loved,


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

November, 2015

Dear all,

Welcome to another blog. I'm still unsure what to include in these, so I guess it'll be all adlib.

This month I've been working hard on study. I've got 2 large courses and a smaller course to finish in my specialising, so I really want to finish them by Christmas. I'm knocking out the assessments pretty fast so I'm on track time-wise. My specialisation is connected to one of the new sections coming to the website so it's in my goals to complete them all before the holidays. That'll give me a few months of writing to get ahead of the articles, ready for when I launch one of the new sections of the website, as well as the website itself.

Life has been very busy, but very rewarding lately. I think this will be one of the first times I'll have almost all my New Years resolutions met in quite a few years. It's a good feeling. To know what you want to complete and then to actually finish is such a buzz. There will be so much progression in my life after such a busy, challenging year, and soon it'll feel worth it all. I'll be possibly exhausted and sleep throughout Christmas, but at least my goals will be complete!

This month is featuring quite a few interesting articles, all of which should offer some different perspectives and ideas.

Parents of Primates: Darling or Danger?
There is a phenomenon that is spreading across America at the moment, and that is monkey parenting. Women are choosing to adopt and raise Capuchin monkeys as their own. These fluffy sweethearts start nice, but if not trained or cared correctly can be a burden on their families, as well as contract serious illnesses. One such case of extreme issue was the story of Charla Nash, the woman who lost her face to Travis, a human-raised chimpanzee. I sought to find out how monkeys should be cared for and if negative consequences can be avoided.

Charla Nash: The Woman who Lost her Face.
In 2009, Charla Nash was brutally attacked by her friend's pet monkey, Travis. The chimpanzee had been raised by her friend, seeming to be a good pet, until many factors caused an extreme reaction on Nash's arrival to the property. While she survived the attack, it left a lot of public opinion against the keeping of wild animals as pets. A story of bravery and medical triumph. Includes graphic images to highlight the severity of the situation.

Virtual Baby Kills Real Baby
The new documentary, Love Child, seeks to explain the death of Sarang, a 3-month old baby who died while her parents were working an online game to earn money. Their long hours in Prius, a game where "anima" or young mystical child followers assist the quester, were spent trying to farm gold to translate into real money to support their basic existence. Unfortunately, they lost their child and faced neglect charges upon their actions. Love Child explains what happened, what legal ramifications it causes, and the idea of gaming addicition and reliance on a virtual world to supply for real-life needs.

Gaming Addiction at Home
American Psychiatrists are calling for Gaming Addiction to be added to the DSM-4, the mental illness directory, after many cases have come forward, some of which have been criminal cases where the perpetrators claimed diluted responsibility due to online activities. The American Psychiatric Association have even stated that there are biological symptoms similar to substance abuse in clients who are addicted to games, and have designed a criteria for diagnosing gaming addiction. In Korea there is even a Juvenile Protection Act, banning children under the age of 16 from playing video games between 12am and 6am.  So how do we tell if someone is addicted to games? What can we do? What should we be aware of?

112 Weddings
Doug Block was a young filmmaker years ago, who soon realised that just saying you wanted to make films did not bring opportunities to your door. He decided to make some money by video taping weddings. Twenty years and 112 weddings later, he decides to visit the couples he was the videographer for years ago. It's a documentary that seeks to explain how marriage works, the modern expectations of marriage and how people adapt from the altar to the parent of a family. It's a very interesting journey to embark on.

They Were Friends -- Autism and Bullying
During 2014, a story broke that a young boy had been bullied and humiliated by two young female American teens who video-taped their abuse. The young boy they targeted was autistic and even after the police charged the perpetrators, still wondered why he wasn't seeing his "friends" anymore. I went on a search for answers as to why Autistic children are more susceptible to bullying, what precautions should be considered, and what support is available to parents who wish to bully-guard their children.

I hope everyone has a nice week, and a nice journey as we get closer to Christmas. May your shopping and preparations be as merry as the day itself. For my US readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

My best wishes,

Saturday, 31 October 2015

October, 2016

Dear all,

October is here and there are many changes coming to the website. Firstly, we have a new system installed. All visitors to the site are now able to comment on articles. We want to hear what you think, have experienced or want to share. Scroll down to the end of the article and drop your thoughts in the box. Panel members will be marked with identifiable markers to show they are Panel members, as well as their business cards clickable in the post. Their bio can also be found under the Panel Members tab.

This month I wanted to publish a nice new stack of articles. It's been a while since an update so I wanted to get more subjects out there. New articles include:

* The Borderers: House Party Heroes
The Borderers are an internationally acclaimed band that have been recording for the last 20 years, starting from their humble beginnings as an independant band. We spoke to Jim and Alex on their new House Party plan, their journey to success, and the challenges they've faced, both professionally and personally.

* The Mountain Man: Troubled to Saint
Dashrath Manjhi grew up during the 50s in India, during the caste system abolishment and political upheaval. Despite it all he found joy in his life, as well as challenging arranged marriage rules to win over the woman he loved. It was later after their eloping that tragedy struck. His wife, Phaguniya, fell to her death off a mountain -- a mountain Manjhi set to conquer. For 22 years, he dug through the mountain manually to create a path and better passage between his poor village and the city beyond the mountains. We look at his life and the new film that has been released to capture his adventure.

* Tejano Queen: 20 Years Later
Selena Quintanilla was considered the Mexican Madonna, until tragedy struck her family band. Twenty years later, while fans are still mourning, and perpetrators still vowing for parole, we look at what happened and the effect it had on society and the world at large. Motivations of the attack are still debated to this day, but what does make sense is the family wanting to let memories live on.

* Songified Struggles
The Gregory Brothers created their own form of entertainment when they started to combine auto-tuning with memorable footage from news reports and online videos. Suddenly a net-wide argument began, when they chose footage some viewers felt should remain untouched. We seek to understand what happened. In contrast, we look at another similar auto-tune that was created and applauded, and seek to analyse why two similar cases were received differently by YouTube users.

* The Journey to Self-Love
Some psychologists say that the primary goal of humans is to grow as people and find love for what they do, who they include, and themselves, but the last seems almost impossible sometimes. Situations drag us down, people drain our energy, and we self-sabotage with self-blame or reprimands. Recently I've been questioning my own resilience and self-support and went looking for ideas on how to get closer to loving myself. In my research I came across directed journaling or journal healing, and took a program for a roadtest. Documented in this article is my experiences and the research behind journal healing.

* A Dog's Birthday
Society has evolved from old ideals that dogs merely need a bowl of food, some water, and an old cushion in the corner to be happy. Today's pets are more pampered and pet care bills are gaining momentum. The newest phenomenon is dog birthday parties -- both group and individual. This article explores the world of dog celebrations and outings to understand the joy it brings to a family and the featured animal. We meet Annie, the Yorkie, who has a doggy daycare birthday, as well as Petey who has friends come to the house to celebrate his big day.

* Movie review: Cyberbully
I've had this article in stock for a while, but it makes it no less important. Cyberbully was released last year, in an attempt to show how cyberbullying is more severe when teamed with in-school bullying as well. We meet Taylor, who although pretty and likeable is attacked over a silly prank that builds into a rumour-filled life of torture. The film received mixed reviews, however, still made an impact on society enough to cause unique voice-less videos to be made on YouTube, such as those created by Jonah Mowry.

I hope the articles are of interest, and once again, please feel free to post a comment on them. Tell us if you have a similar experience, if you know further information on a subject you wish to share, or even what you liked about the article or featured product. We want to hear from you!

Best wishes,
S. Bowyer.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

September, 2015

Dear all,

Well, the proverbial "time flies when you're having fun" probably won't cut it this time, as it's been so long since I've updated this blog. Part of it confusion as to what I should write. Should I keep an updated reference of marketing and behind-the-scenes planning as a possible how-to in future for other keen writers wanting to create a subject-specific site? Future entrepeneur or marketers? Is this blog meant to be a way of just announcing new articles and speak of my motivations? I'm not sure. What does the reader want? I'm unaware at current.  If it's intellectual stimulation, then itself would be the platform they dive for.

The last few months have been a time of self-exploration, and I'm now working hard at coming back. While situations are not to the best benefit, I'm fighting hard and wanting to achieve. Lots of articles to publish in reserve, which will hit the website soon. It's all about one step at a time, that's what they say. I have a tendency of exhiliaration becoming overwhelming desire to push myself too hard, which I'm also watching out on. She states, while typing with her keyboard in bed because she's meant to be on bed rest! It's 6am, couldn't sleep -- what else can I do? Life of a workaholic.

Over the next few days, I'll be writing some book reviews. I picked up some great titles online which met beyond my expectations, one being Purr Therapy by Dr. Kathy McCoy Ph.D. GORGEOUS book! I picked it up as a little pick-me-up feel-good read while in the pet section, and by the 4th chapter wanted to just hug it. Her passion for writing and her industry is amazing. Dr. McCoy is a psyschotherapist and cat lover who stumbled into animal-assisted therapy when her young cat decided to start interacting with a client she had visit her home. The story is completely true -- there's pictures of her cats on her blog -- and it really added some depth into my research of the animal-spirit bond. It's one of those books you just want to share with everyone, which is what I'm going to do. I had plans of writing reviews of books on my website anyway, but this one has just sparked me to speed up the process. It was so wonderful to read of someone in the therapy profession who is so inspired and passionate, as the helping field is fueled by intrinsic-rewarded individuals often, but so many more are needed.

Purr Therapy review:

The other book I'll be reviewing is a journal-assistant book. The idea of healing through journaling has been around for some time. Some people journal to purge emotions, keep records, express thoughts, determine behaviours, find closure, but journaling programs can also help self-growth. They can help us redefine who we are and where we want to go. I've been "testing" a  journal guidance book and want to feature it. It's got some very interesting writing exercises in it, possibly suitable for someone's blog of self-discovery or their own personal diary they hide in their bedroom. You don't have to be Anne Frank or Bridget Jones to revel in this one. You can just be creative and go!

In closing, found my new love of reading this month, after years of it on hiatus, and the new obsession will mean some reviews on the website. I'm excited, as I aim to cover all forms of expression on the website, including film, music, movies, books, art, intellectual articles, casual articles, and opinion pieces. The world expresses itself in many ways, and that's how I want to document it.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

March, 2015

And with the blink of an eye it's the start of March. The year is no longer new, but the chores ahead are plentiful. At, we are looking to increase output and contributors. Time is a currency I'm not looking to waste.

This week I wanted to feature some interesting articles about development. Firstly is a documentary about puppy growth and the important stages of an animal's life. Often we hear about puppy mills and many "rules" about dog care in their early years. Why do they exist? What happens between birth to the age of appropriate homing? In essence, what difficulties would a puppy suffer without following these guidelines that society has set for breeders and breeding programs?

The second story is one of difficulties during developmental years, namely teenage years. We look at young people with Tourettes syndrome, a condition that causes physical and vocal "ticks," or involuntary "outbursts" to sometimes simple or minor stimuli. While the condition is not considered deadly, this documentary looks at children who have unusual ticks, some of which could land them into social danger if they were not understood. For example, the reaction of yelling "bomb" when the brain is confronted by discussion or the view of an airport.

We follow the group of teenagers as they embark on the United States (from the UK) to attend a specialty camp for people of Tourettes. Their belief systems are tested, their understanding for their condition, and how they classify friendships. What happens when someone with vocal ticks meets someone with physical ticks? The result is intriguing.

As the week delves through, I'll be working on some other projects that will launch soon. Feel free to check back as the We Do section is completed and published.

Best wishes,


Sunday, 18 January 2015

January 18, 2015

After an extended holiday, it's now time to return to the things that are important, that being the pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding. Our power is but a sum of the information we store. While money can cause actions and effects, it would be wasted without a direction or cause.

This week I wanted to feature two very special people, who inspire and continue to make people think, what limitations? The first is Judge Judy, who has always been a respectable role model. Some do not like her overly-honest, brittle comments, but I believe a wake-up call is needed sometimes, particularly to those who have done wrong enough to be summoned to court. This isn't a naughty corner; this is a public, legally-binding reprimand.

Recently, Judge Judy was responsible for creating a new TV show, which turned the format of TV court shows around. I wanted to feature the new program, as I've seen some episodes online and found them very interesting.

The second story is the story of Sam. He was born with Progeria, which is a disease where the body pre-maturely ages. During 2014 he passed away, however, his parents -- both doctors -- have begun to unlock some treatments and ideas in controlling Progeria's destruction. The research may also unlock the principles of human aging, meaning we may one day discover the secret to body clocks, and how to turn them backwards. Style gurus would certainly appreciate that. As shown in the documentary, we are but a stones-throw away from delivering age-controlled existences.

I wanted to feature Sam's life and the documentary filmed last year, as so often we forget the difficulties we get to skip in life, and too busily focus on the difficulties we do. I'm not saying life is a bowl of cherries, but sometimes it helps to think of the hardships we didn't have to face. In a world of advancement, we are challenged by more stressors. That said, these advancements also mean we can escape some of the daily pressures that used to be sources of problem. For example, a parent who is concerned because their child isn't home. Call their mobile phone. A single parent who can't work outside school hours. Get a job from home.

I want to close the week with a personal thought: always listen again when you think you've heard something. The moment you take to think, might save you a world of heartache.

Happy Holidays and Writing Lists

With Christmas complete and 2015 begun, everyone's focus is on thinking of the best times during 2014, consolidating experiences, and planning for the year ahead. Taking stock of the time is a good way to consider changes and future projects you wish to concentrate on. More than just a silly trend we attribute to diary-keepers and young people.

2014 was a year of somewhat unsteadiness, personal goals changing, and lifestyles altering. became a mere idea in June/July, and it felt like such a large effort to prepare it for public consumption. So much thought went into its design and development, but it felt more like an exciting venture than a chore. Maybe for others it would have seemed a hard task, but the skills used to create it are what I enjoy using. Over the last few weeks during my holidays I have begun to watch the Canadian version of Dragon's Den, a TV program where rich investors are pitched ideas for monetary involvement by enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and the main message I've seen from them is that you have enjoy the work you are doing to fully commit yourself to it. Being in a job that you don't like drains more on your emotional energy, meaning that projects feel more taxing. That said, one must also be wary of the danger of over-work or over-producing, causing burnout. It's possibly these times of the year when we can appreciate our time off, and concern ourselves with our developments and how our goals fit into our lifestyle structures.

I used to be someone who wrote long lists of New Years resolutions, who then fell "off the wagon," however find myself again considering what I would write on my list. My main goal this year is to push further into's development, launch the new initiatives coming, recruit new contributors, and be more active in marketing duties. I used to really like promotional activities, but lost touch with the hype. The world is full of people promoting items, wanting to shove traffic to their website. How do I stand out? Is my message of sharing and non-biased entertainment enough of a selling point to get visitors? Time will tell. There is an underlying nervousness as to what the answer will be to that question, but the most I can do is try. Often there are projects on Dragon's Den, which you don't think will be favourable, yet, they have thousands of sales with little marketing. And that's stuff on sale! Aren't free resources more inclined to be utilised?

In closing, I hope everyone had a nice holiday, celebrating as they wished to, with luck, peace, and happiness, surrounded by those they admire and love.

Best wishes!