Monday, 26 December 2016

Dear all,

It's the time of year we feel inclined to take stock of our lives, consider what the last year has afforded us, and what changes we can prepare. Personaly, I spend the time taking a break only to miss the chores I have, which further helps motivate me in developing what more I could be doing with my time, or processing where I could be saving emotional, physical or mental energy. A time of reflection, but also a time of self-evaluation.

With changes to my family situation this year, it was brought to my attention there were things I wanted to introduce. New family members - and new beliefs of others - inspired me to bring in new traditions. One of which is a Christmas eve midnight snack to celebrate the turn of the day to the 25th. A nice comforting meal to soothe the soul, tantalise the tastebuds for the coming day, and give time to talk of memories. As well as the re-introduction of Christmas movie inclusion as remaining family members love musicals as much as I do. Why not have a good fashioned sing-along? It's good for the spirit!

My goals for the coming year include many new projects which will be produced and developed during the start of 2017. The new year for me is about efficiency - not multi-tasking. Pure focus and control on tasks to complete them to create room for the next project. There's a theory that there is no such thing as multi-tasking, as humans are not able to focus fully on more than one thing. My new goal is to test this - can pure focus speed up the process and move us to the next project quicker, then the same ground is covered as multi-tasking, only goals are reached more effectively? I'm curious.

I've also returned to study in a graduate program. While I'm testing efficiency in my life, my  professional growth has become quite important too. The year ahead will be busy, but anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm passionate about doing as much as I can in life as physical ability permits. As I progress through my years, it only fuels it more.

My new years resolutions are plentiful as they are most years:
1. Finish reading one book per month.
2. Keep up-to-date with my studies and never linger too close to deadlines.
3. Commit to me time and commit to recharging tasks.
4. Research, build and promote new website project #1.
5. Finish writing books.
6. Publish and promote fore-mentioned books for distribution.
7. Publish and promote new WSTS section.
8. Record video content for websites.
9. Learn the ocarina
10. Finish our new kitchen.
11. Release blogs and articles more timely.
12. Write at least 40 new articles this year.
13. Spend less energy on toxic people and spend the time productively.
14. Sparkle.

I want to wish everyone a great holiday season, whatever faith you belong to - or don't belong to. May you have joy and love during this festive time and enjoy the time you have to yourself, too.

Best wishes,
The editor.

Monday, 5 December 2016

November, 2016: Welcomes and restarts

Dear all,

It's been a very busy month here at WSTS central. We have continued to develop our program, ACAWS, as well as explore some constructive marketing. I'm not overly keen on paying for print ads or online banners when there might be more creative and fun ways to advertise. The world has enough banners already! In the coming year we'll be rolling out some interesting projects to both benefit the community and give branding to our programs.

Animal Caregiver Affective Wellness Services(ACAWS) is expanding its services, due to popular demand and new resources, as well as changing its name to Absent Companion and Adversity Wellbeing Services. Same acryonym, phone number, and website, only we've changed name to reflect the increase of areas we cover. While we still offer pet grief and injury counselling, we have extended our focus to offering the same free, quality care to those who are facing grief, injury and/or disability in regards to human family members or themselves. We recognise that love does  not limit by "human" or "animal" in our hearts, nor does disability or illness discriminate, so people should have the same care and support whoever the injured, disabled or deceased is.

We have also upgraded technology to ensure more calls can be answered and clients maintained. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message and we will get hold of you as soon as possible -- in the same day. Your calls matter to us and we will be in touch as soon as we can -- in most cases, within the hour.

The website has been updated to reflect the expansion of services. New business cards are also ready. If your practice or place of business would like to display some for your clients, please contact us on Someone will be in touch to arrange delivery.

Over the next few months certain projects will be developed ready for distribution and sharing. My aim is to do something more useful for the community while getting the name out there. My mission has always to improve the lives of others, not fame and fortune. The motivation came from having a rough life myself, only to find hecklers and destructive beliefs got in my way. Instead of allowing myself to feel down-trodden, I instead put my energy into ensuring there are measures to help those in painful situations, rather than letting them swim with the sharks alone.

This month the article we are featuring is a special article about Holly Hanes, who was a patient with Ovarian cancer, who wanted to leave her impact on the world. She made a video called What Not To Say to Someone Who Has Cancer, and was an advocate and ambassador for the American Cancer Society. Sadly, Holly lost her battle, but we wanted to publish a story about who she was, what she meant to the cause and her family, and how she defined strength. A personal family story that might reflect in many other lives, but has its unique qualities - as beautiful as Holly's dimples.

Rather than presenting a bulk of stories, we wanted to focus on one very important one.

Our household has become a very noisy place, our now-16-week puppy wishing to explore our house with his teeth. He is currently trying to gnaw away at the barricade that stops him getting into the less puppy-proofed area of the home. Toilet-training is going well, as are the cuddle session, however, general respect for my belongings is still a work in progress, as he sees them as nothing but inanimate objects perfect for massaging his gums!

This month I return to part-time university to accelerate my professional standings. It's a love-hate relationship with studies, that's for sure. You want to run screaming, wishing never to see a book again while you're studying, but when you are finished, restlessness settles in. At least for me. I long to soak up knowledge and progress in life. So back to school I go! In the coming months, there may be comments that I'm sick of studies, but deep down you'll know I secretly love it.

McHappy day 2016 was the 12th of November. If you missed it, remember you can still donate via their website. Monies go to Ronald McDonald House, a national initiative that provides housing and meals to families with terminally-ill kids in hospital. The program is of particular help to rural parents who have to normally stay in a hotel or other paid accommodation to be close to their children in city hospitals, which can greatly affect the family who might be losing out income being away from home and work. It's a great cause, as often we forget that medical expenses sometimes include travel, work inconveniences, and distance challenges.

This month marks Thanksgiving for American people, however, not in Australia where no peaceful meal was shared between native and invader. That said, it doesn't mean we can't use this time of year to be grateful - or every day if we wish. Finding things to be grateful about is nourishing to the soul. What 10 things are you grateful about this year? This week? This month?

May your lead-up to Christmas be merry. If you don't celebrate such events, I instead wish you a happy summer.

My best,
The editor.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

October, 2016: Mulitple Goodbyes

Dear all,

It has been quiet of late on my websites, and the reason for that was a personal one. This month I buried my girls. Both had been ill for a while, and with a heavy heart, I had to let them cross Rainbow Bridge. The vets did all the could, but as Lennon said, Time is not a friend.

My cat, Mini, passed away from old age. She had a cold, and while we tried to keep her fed and active, it was September 13th when her little feet stopped carrying her. I knew something was wrong instantly when I touched her belly - which would normally earn a bite - only for her to not even respond. The day's of hand-feeding and tucking her into bed near the heater were done. She was ready to go. I am trying to be grateful that she spent her last weeks by my side, and take comfort that I did everything I could for her.

My baby girl dog passed away the following Friday. She had been struggling with a seizure condition since April. At first it seemed quite manageable, vets ruling out any illness that would have been actionable. They concluded it was a legion or bleed in the brain which would be inoperable and to enjoy the time left with her. We did try alternative medicines including eating plans and massage sessions twice daily, only the measures weren't enough. After seven weeks of no seizures, she went into a bout of Static Epilepticus, where the brain cycles through numerous seizures which cannot be halted without vet intervention. She had 10 at home, while I rushed about getting emergency travel and care organised, it being a Friday night and all local vets closed. She had another 20 while being taken to the emergency facility, which is unfortunately over an hour away. Had I known how far it was, I could have prepared better, only when these extremes happen but several times over our long lives, you aren't able to.

Baby was put to rest after the vets made me aware that she was audibly suffering even on IV Valium. It would be unfair to keep her. After one seizure she would be stumbling for up to 24 hours, and it would be much worse after over 30 seizures in a row. The decision broke my heart, but it had to be made. Dog specialists had told me that the day would come and that I would have to be strong for her. Dogs can't tell us what they want us to do, but looking deep into her eyes as she had those first 10, I knew how trapped she felt, unable to control what her body was doing. It wasn't fair to leave her stuck between worlds.

Losing both of them within days of each other was a shock. Suddenly the house was quiet, nobody needed me to feed them, and there was nobody looking for the warmest spot in the bed. It was just my partner and I, both feeling lifeless. It was the stillness and clean rooms that bothered me. I grew up in a loud, messy family, always complete with several pets. Not having any felt so surreal, like I was asleep. It was driving me crazy.

While another animal will never be the same as my girls, I felt it was time to get another. Learn to love again and find positivity and joy in the world that felt so cold. I figured it would take ages to find another, as there are always waiting lists with breeders. That said, I found a litter of home-grown puppies that were of the two breeds I had been interested in: Jack Russels and Pugs. There was a little white one that caught my attention, who seemed very healthy, rambuncious and ready for love. He joined our family, earning the name of Ronnie, after my grandfather who passed away 3 years ago after battling Prostate cancer for 12 years. He was the kindest man I had ever known.

So while time has been rough, and websites have not been updated religiously, my life has not been easy-going. Starting this month I'll have everything back on track, including taking on more clients and projects that have been in the pipeline. I thank everyone for their well-wishes and hope that your lives are rich with happy tails and noses, whatever species they belong to.

Until next time,
The Editor.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Caught up in Numbers

Dear all,

This month has been incredibly busy, so the actual blog to announce all the big news will have to wait until next time. It's been a huge transitional time along with a few techological delays. Unfortunately, while computers are quite helpful and meant to cause less complication in our lives, they often end up causing more during installation processes. They are the irony of our lives!

May is always a big month for me, my parents both having birthdays. This is when I joke my mother is only 30, which is often when people smirk at me in confusion. "But you're over 30? Is she a step-mother?" When I shake my head, they seem even more puzzled, until I explain, "No, she was 40 once, but then started counting backwards after that. Once she hit 30 again, she stopped counting." While it's a humour that I share with people as a joke, it also inspires me because we are only as old as we feel. Why do we let numbers dictate how we must act? Granted, we do need to meet certain standards, for example, taking on financial independence when we become adults, or gaining self-worth and competence to care for ourselves, but outside of those, what is age really? The oldest woman to ever give birth was 66 officially, however it was recently reported in the Guardian that the oldest woman to give birth was in her 70s from India. So if even our biology can't tell us "you're too old" for something, then how can we?

Ageism can be a sickness in our world. We are judged on how old we are and what we have to show. Whether you're going for a job, going to a party, or just reading a book, we are covered in expectations or pre-conceived ideas based on our age. I used to feel insecure about them myself. Years ago, my plan was to graduate university as a psychologist at the age of 24, working through school to save up for a house by 27, then settle down by 30 with a partner while going into private practice. I planned a cat around that time too. Of course, life never went to plan, but it was recently I looked around and realised that things aren't that far off what I wanted. I got my living arrangements sorted years ago, graduated in 2012, and I've been assisting in a large health organisation for almost 6 years, and now working in private practice. That's not far off what I planned. The goals were completed in alternate ways to what I had chosen, but does that really matter? At 35, I've arranged most of what I wanted, and now just want to follow through with the plans long-term. Life seemed so complicated to get into the right path, but all it took was self-belief and determination.

Over the next month there will be many changes to the websites and practice, which I'm excited to launch. It's going to be a big month of movement and I hope everyone will be watching on with best wishes and good tidings. Wherever you are, remember, that you are only limited by yourself. You are your best friend or worst enemy, based on the actions or beliefs you allow yourself. You set your bar in life. If you want to do more, listen to that, nourish that, and ask how you can make it work for you. How others want you to live is only a suggestion; what you choose for yourself is the rule.

Until next time,
The Editor.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

April, 2016

Dear all,

It's been an even crazier month than I ever thought possible! Life seemed busy before, but now even moreso.

Last month was my birthday, with a special surprise organised, which you can read about in March's edition.

The last month has been about making contact with services who have clients who might need counselling, including colleagues, health organisations, pet services and grief resources. I've had calls so the business is getting off the ground, my practice being recognised as something the community needed, particularly for those with low incomes. Getting such feedback has been encouraging, now knowing that what I'm passionate about does have its place in society, and will benefit many people who are hurting from loss. My energy goes into what matters -- the clients.

This month is a feast of articles, some that are going to make readers really think about what the world condones, supports and rejects as a whole, and how freedom of speech might be set to change.

Self-Compassion: The New Self-concept model
Self-compassion therapy is a recently popular area of psychology. It could be considered a new version of self-evaluating, bursting through the ideals that therapists have held about self-concept and self-worth. The discipline delves to go against the grain, looking at self-honesty and change, based on self-love, rather than criticism, analysis or "I'd be better if only. . . " It seeks to earn clients personal comfort via internal factors, rather than outside influences.

Viewing A Pink Moon
At first inspection, Pink Moon feels like a typical drama piece where an attractive young girl is hiding a boy in her room. However, we soon find out that Ben, her boyfriend, lives two lives. What the viewer at first takes for granted is that the lifestyle being depicted is normal. Not in Pink Moon. The film aims to turn ideals of sexuality on their head, as their reality is where homosexual relationships are normal and heterosexuals, called Breeders, are not. It's a mind-altering world where all our typical beliefs of same-sex relationships are under question.

Pro-Ana Unmasked
Not only did I want to look at the sites that encourage Pro-Ana and what possible tricks they are teaching that could help unmask the eating disorder, but also the new legal environment we live in. Last year, an American teenager was put up for murder charges for coaxing a man to kill himself. Could we see the same happen for websites that promote self-harming, such as anorexia maintenance websites?

Movie Review: Starving in Suburbia
Starving in Suburbia is a film about anorexia and the websites online that promote it. Hannah, 17, is caused to think about her weight, and her friend shows her a Pro-ana (pro-anorexia) site to show her how "crazy" she isn't. However, it seems to have an alternate affect. These websites (see Pro-Ana Unmasked) give tips and motivations to people -- so powerful their natural body functions are ignored and overwritten. Pro-ana sites number in the thousands and are often a mere Google search away.

Dogs: Their Secret Lives
Mark Evans, vet and former chief of the RSPCA UK, fronts this series that aims to discover the lesser known facts of dogs' lives, and the little tricks they have in store for us. Using surveillance footage, new inventions and collaborating with dog experts, Evans focuses on cunning canines and the changes our society have instilled. Obesity, behaviour disorders, misconceptions about dog sociality, and their manipulations of humans.

Adults Who Colour In
As children, colouring is an art encouraged for learning, aiding in memory skills (ie, remembering the diagram you are colouring), developing fine motor skills in the hands and as a fun activity. The act of colouring and its caused reflection and mindfulness will aid in reducing the stress hormones in the body -- cortisol and adrenaline. The discipline is first recognised in India with Mandalas, but westerner alternatives are not specific in shape or designed for meditation or trance, however, still invoke reflection, mindfulness, and peace.

The Hunting Ground
Over the last year or two, a major movement has rapidly spread throughout America, being the Title IX activists. Rape in Universities is said to be ignored or swept under the rug, until two victims realised one of the primary human rights fell under Title IX, meaning pressure for universities to change their actions or lose funding. This movement and accompanying documentary follows the journey of two rape victims, who have fronted a modern-day revolution.

Warm Bodies: Romance In Cold
Warm Bodies came out a few years ago, but is a movie that re-invents the romance genre. It is a parody of a well-known traditional love story set with new, unusual characters. The male counterpart, R, a brain-eating zombie, meets a human, Julie. Know the reference? However, this story then develops into an apocalyptic adventure when their relationship begins to cause change within both dead and living communities. The story brings on a new twist to the zombie era, without making them into fluffy bunnies too soon. Instead it creates the idea of multiple motivations among zombie "tribes" and questions the events if a zombie was not as mindless as we thought.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their month. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Until next time,
The Editor.

Monday, 21 March 2016

March 10, 2016 -- birthday celebrations

Dear all,

The idea of 35 was a scary concept to me, until I found the right way to celebrate it.

I know it's not an age found at the end of one's life, but 35 felt like it was a milestone that signified, well, all work and no play. It's easy to get into the mindset that a woman in her mid-30s -- and men -- are now meant to be wise, and prepare to pass it on to younger generations. You're on your way to 40 and your 20s are way behind you. Good thing? Depends on your perspective.

I was dreading it, until I found a way that made me look forward to my birthday. It had to be something special, awesome, and connect to my ideas. What would a music-loving, socially conscious, giving, website-creating individual such as myself like? Then I found it! I was researching a catch-up article on a band I simply adore, and found out they did house parties. Despite their fame worldwide and their talents that seems to know no bounds, the BordererS remain connected to social issues, work tirelessly to support good causes, show appreciation for their fans, and always give the best performance they can. It has been many years they have traveled the world, sharing their work, and I was writing to document their journey from humble beginnings when I met them when I was 14 years old.

At that time, the BordererS were assisting promoting music and creativity through schools and I was selected by my music teacher to attend the songwriting workshop they were holding. I remember being so unorganised for once, quickly scribbling lyrics to a song I had been working on because I'd forgotten the book I wrote my lyrics in. The lyrics had been practiced with its own roughly-created music I had written, but in their hands, it was a masterpiece. Their talent was picking up the lyrics we'd bought along, taking 30 seconds to discuss music style and key and then improvising a song from it. I was amazed at how quick they could construct something you could enjoy.

Over the years I've kept up to date with their work, so when I found out they were doing house parties / private parties, it intrigued me. What would it be like to see them in person again? I had to find out. I spoke to Jim and Alex, about the day of my birthday. They were very gracious. Concert via Skype was suggested by me, due to timing, as they had packing and travelling for their next gig when I asked to book. So the idea was born. They asked if I had any special requests such as songs, or special things they could do to make my day awesome. I said that I loved animals, and if they had pets, I'd love to see them.

So, March 9, I had the BordererS at my house, via Skype, and they were even better in private performance. Jim and Alex shared anecdotes about their journey as a world band, I could ask questions if something interested me, and I got to choose some of the songs they played. They are funny, adorable, inspirational and truly talented performers. I've always loved their music, so I might be biased, but often their music sounds better live than on CD. They are very conscious of world issues and very knowledgeable, so you're sure to walk away with a fascinating story you didn't know of previously. Food for the ears, soul, and brain!

I'm including some videos below of the experience. Alex and Jim were so sweet to buy me a cake with candles! Alex is sneaky! I thought she'd gone off-screen to get a drink, while Jim just made a joke about how he was going to become a solo act, trying to sing songs he wouldn't normally lead. I should have known they had a surprise! The sentiment was adorable, as was their putting up pink balloons, BordererS poster, and my name in a green tinsel "S."

Okay, so I might be a little biased, already loving their music, but ask yourself as you watch the video, is there someone in your life who would enjoy this surprise? Imagine if you invited them to your house for a coffee, having already arranged for the BordererS to call you on Skype to perform, your laptop suddenly ringing nearby. Your BordererS-loving friend or family member would be as awestruck as I was to speak to them and have them perform all my favourite songs from their long-running career. It's so awesome, I just had to share.

May all your days be filled with music!

The Editor.


Raise Your Hands Up - Live

Saturday, 27 February 2016

ACAWS is born!

Dear readers,

     It's been a crazy week and I've been exhausted. So much to prepare and complete ready for the new launches that are occurring this month.

     The big news is the new phone service I'm launching. With my mission being assisting the community, I wanted to create a service that I felt would support an area that was lacking, which complemented my training and experience. The new phone service provides free counselling for pet owners and their families, who might be facing a terminally-ill, missing or deceased pet. We also cater to people who are victims of animal-related accidents or crimes, meaning we also service animal careworkers.

     Named ACAWS (Animal Caregiver Affective Wellness Services), the phone line will provide immediate counselling four hours a day, with the opportunity to book appointments at other times. We also offer call-backs for rural and interstate clients, who can supply a landline, or we offer Skype counselling. We're supplying these options as we want care to be free of charge -- completely free. So often in society people miss out on care they need because they can't afford it. Our mental health is on a continuum, meaning what we treat now will not implode later.

     All staff are recognised by the Australian Counselling Association, meaning quality controls and further career progression is required.

     ACAWS help treat pet owners and caregivers who need assistance in their trying times. Our goal is never to dismiss the pain, but to help clients in understanding their reactions, finding a new definition of life without their beloved furry/feathered/scaled companions, and build a solid coping skillset to aid in future disappointments. Grief often shapes how we handle all of life's dramas, so having a good coping plan always sets us up for more success in our lives, particularly our personal lives.

     For more information, please see

     So now you can see why I've been so busy over the last few months. I had extra training to finish up, as well as all the business trimmings such as business cards, brochures, phone services to arrange, and finalise my business goals and procedures. I've been a busy little bee! will continue to provide quality, original content. I've got articles written in advance. More busy-ness, but that's the way I love to be when I can manage it.

     All my best,

     The Editor.

February, 2016

Dear all,

     It's February and it's been hectic. We're on the verge of launching the two new sections, including a special program that is being run by myself. Over the past weeks I've been in meetings and preparation mode, ensuring content of the website is ready, all aspects of procedures and ethics have been addressed, and that processes are going to work as intended. I can't say anything just yet, but it's going to be an exciting time and should help many people. It's been a long time in planning and finally we will see fruition.

     Valentine's day came and went, I pray that everyone is well and enjoyed the day. Even if you're a single, remember love can come from oneself, and is often more special when it is. Too many of us rely on others to validate us, or make us feel loved, when your best friend is always a few inches deep -- if you give yourself the patience and understanding to accept who you are. If you are single during Valentine's Day, take the time to spoil yourself and reconnect to who you are. Go out to your favourite restaurant, take on a task that makes you feel good, or do something you've always intended to do, but never had the time. Attached readers, make sure you add a little self-love to your celebrations. You can love more than one person at a time, and your own self should be one of them!

     This month's articles are a good selection of subjects. I didn't want to steer myself into themed months for too long, so now the holidays are over, we can return to the normal randomness that is article selection.

Cobus Potgeiter: Churches and Duct Tape
Pieter Jacobus Potgieter AKA Cobus Potgieter, 29, is a musical prodigy with an interesting journey and career. He didn't start fame with a winning demo tape that landed in a producer's lap. His rise to success began with a church and lots of duct tape. He is now a drum teacher (via DVD), a sponsored musician with endorsements from many instrument makers, and has over 146 million views as of May, 2014.

Second Life: Alternative You
Second life, a game of personalities, opened in 2003, and is well-known by many people, including the 16 million who own accounts to the game. It's a hang-out more popular than most social networking sites, and it's one of the few games that is bent by the creativity of the users. On The Grid, a 9 minute documentary was made to explain Second Life, but I soon found out that Second Life is more than it seems on the surface. These are not mere characters interacting -- not even evolving, but living as their controllers wish to. It blurs the lines between the imagination and the effect if make-believe was true. We delve into the Second Life world to see how the game enriches and troubles the lives of the users.

Sexting in Suburbia
Dina Van Cleve (Jenn Proske) is a girl that has everything going for her, in her mother's eyes. Her grades are high, her sporting ability even higher, and she has a loving boyfriend and many friends. But when her mother finds her dead, she knows something in the puzzle's missing. What happened to her daughter bad enough for her to take her own life? It soon comes out, Dina was sexting with her boyfriend, and the evidence destroyed her life. The film is loosely based on the Jessica Logan case in 2008. Jessica, an 18-year-old student in Ohio, sent a nude photo to her boyfriend, which he passed onto girls at school after they broke up.

Sexting's Legal Long-Term Effects: What Everyone Should Know
In recent surveys, it's estimated up to 40% of teens were posting or sending sexually suggested messages. A staggering 48% of boys admitted to receiving sexual images of girls that went to their schools. Kids Helpline Australia's website states that sexting is not limited to mobile phones, but also instant messengers like Skype and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and Snapchat. Adults also sext. Self magazine's research found that 92% of women had sent "sexy texts." Senders can be prosecuted for sending their images. Adults who send nude images of themselves to someone unasked can be held accountable under the Malicious Communications Act.

Biological Explanations of Anxiety: The Trilogy
Society believes that anxiety is abnormal, when in fact, it's a normal biological process in the brain. Unless anxiety is stopping you from enjoying aspects of your life, or stopping you from undertaking certain tasks, then it is at a functional level. But what is the point of anxiety and what function does it serve us? Why does it exist?

Switched At Birth Culture
Imagine you are deaf, and you are arrested. How would that feel? There are lights in your face, so you cannot read their lips, your hands are cuffed behind your back, so you are unable to "speak". How would you or your mother communicate with the person who arrested you without an interpreter? Emmett found out. Switched at Birth is a new US series, which aims to give the "deaf perspective."

Free to Play: The E-Sports World
Cyber athletes or E-Sports players are becoming more recognised as celebrities, but what are E-sports and what do they entail? What is it that makes watching a video game so exciting and intriguing? We feature a documentary that explores the world of E-Sports and what it can afford young cyber athletes.

Grief is the Worst Ninja
Grief is the Worst Ninja is a reactionary piece by a pet owner who experienced one of the dreaded moments by every pet owner -- when they find their animal deceased. This book is a documentation of her thoughts, feelings, and actions after the initial scene, as well as her lifestyle with Dorian and what it meant to lose him.

This month will close with big news, which will be put onto Facebook and the front page of Keep an eye out!

For another month, I wish you well and hope the new articles and content find you well.

My best,
The Editor.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January, 2016

Dear all,

It's the new year and there's so much to look forward to. All my studies for the year are done and I'm now able to focus on the website and the new features and sections coming. Are they huge? Maybe, but they are going to wet your appetite to experience more in this broad world of ours, or find a new contribution on today's community.

January is all about new starts and new goals. Did you do your New Years resolutions? I did. Some of mine were continuation of last year's resolutions, but amazingly, I got a few tasks ticked off for last year. It's been a while since I've done that. The new year for me is going to be full of twists and turns, which I'm excited about while being nervous too. But they say nerves is normal and good luck. If we're not nervous, it means we don't care enough about whatever we might be facing.

I wanted the January edition to be all about new starts, so much of this month's issue is about new beginnings or improving how you've done things until this point. Quite a few articles about self-improvement, and the real potential you could find within.

Alarm Clocks: Help, Hinder or Need Upgrade?
I read this rant someone had that alarm clocks were ruining their life and it made me wonder, is it really true? Psychologically and biologically, are they disrupting our natural order? The answer is yes. Studies show that being awoken by the wrong type of alarm clock can cause drunk-like states of mind which could remain for two hours after waking. They also caused stress responses in the body which resulted in low mood and inertia. So what are the options? Introducing new ways to use your alarm more effectively, along with a few amazing inventions such as Bacon clock.

Life Code: Book Review
Dr. Phil McGraw has written this book, which is coined the new rules for today's world. Has the world really changed? In his opinion, yes. We are more hungry for success, but so are others, and have created what McGraw calls BAITERS (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people). His book aims to arm people against them by understand them and the Evil 8 signs to identify them. He also includes their tricks, known as the Nefarious 15. The book has been seen as a book suitable for Chicken Little, over-catastrophising social ocassions and professional connections, but are we in a world where careful is a waste?

The Power of Demanding Reciprocation
This article was inspired by a situation I was involved in, where it made me ask the questions, "do we always hold people accountable enough? What is accountable enough?" I sought to discover the truth for myself and wanted to share my thoughts with others. There is no definitive answer of course, only methods of analysing what you consider your expectations of others, and what level of respect you demand from them. What do you determine as suitable reciprocation? What can pure reciprocation afford you?

Kidnapped for Christ: The Documentary
New beginnings are sometimes found in behaviour modification programs. Katie Logan was studying Christian programs when she found she had stumbled onto something much more when she researched Escuela Caribe. Ex-students of the facility had gruesome stories to tell, and the current students seemed to be hiding something. The documentary looks at how the students of Escuela Caribe lived daily life while Logan lived on the grounds, as well as asks viewers to determine what is expected of these programs, and when they become torture instead of turning a new leaf.

What Would Judy Say? 
Judge Judith Sheindlin, known for her television show, Judge Judy, is a role model of mine. She always has wisdom to share and 72 years of collecting it. So what does the world's most popular judge want to tell us about life and profession? A great deal. This free e-book shares her advice and wisdom about the changing world we live in, in hopes she can inspire the next generation of professionals to hold onto functional traits and lessons that will serve them.

Craiglist Joe
Joseph Garner sought out to understand how well the Internet can serve us, and how the community works together in today's society. Armed with only his clothes on his back, his laptop and phone, his passport and his toothbrush, Garner challenged himself to travel 31 days across America, surviving only on deals or contacts he made over Craigslist. How far would he get? The journey includes the people he met, their stories, and how they helped him on that leg of the journey. He was not to pay for anything -- only struggle with what he could barter or earn for himself via Craigslist.

BNC210: The New Era of Anti-depressants?
A new start can sometimes be a medical break-through. BNC210 is the new compound that functions as an anti-depressant, only does not have the side effects currently found in other medications. It would mean a new start for many people if the drug continues to impress in clinical trials. The world would change for anti-depressant users, the drug being proven so far to be non-addictive, more rapidly affective with panic attacks, and doesn't impose biological and neurological side effects such as sedation, addiction, memory impairment, body movement effects, and potentially drug overdosing. So how far has this drug come so far and when is it going to be available?

I hope this month starts the new year off suitably and happily for everyone. If you haven't written up New Years resolutions yet, consider it, as they can be great motivators. If you have a goal and fall off the wagon, think about why you did, then consider a contingency plan. What can you learn from it to gain more success later? What could you change to make your goal more measurable or realistic? Remember, when writing goals, make sure they are SMART (Specific Meaningful Action-oriented Realistic Timely) goals!

(If you're unsure about what SMART goals really mean, see

It's the key to creating goals for yourself that you're more likely to achieve. An example would be:
a) I want to quit drinking       NOT SMART
b) I want to quit drinking by June, 2016.       SMART!
c) I want to cut my drinking down to 75% of what it is currently by February 28th,  2016.     SMART!

B and C are more effective because they can help us create small goals that are manageable. They are specific so you know exactly how or when you want to work towards quitting drinking. They also explain the action you want to achieve (cut down by 75%)and they are timely because they have a time-line to work through and give you a sense of planning and a little urgency. Finally, make sure your goals are meaningful and realistic. Ask yourself, how important is this for you and why? Also, how realistic is the goal? Can you do it by the due-date? If not, change the date to reflect a better plan. Goals with due dates are always most effective!

Happy January!
The Editor.