Saturday, 31 October 2015

October, 2016

Dear all,

October is here and there are many changes coming to the website. Firstly, we have a new system installed. All visitors to the site are now able to comment on articles. We want to hear what you think, have experienced or want to share. Scroll down to the end of the article and drop your thoughts in the box. Panel members will be marked with identifiable markers to show they are Panel members, as well as their business cards clickable in the post. Their bio can also be found under the Panel Members tab.

This month I wanted to publish a nice new stack of articles. It's been a while since an update so I wanted to get more subjects out there. New articles include:

* The Borderers: House Party Heroes
The Borderers are an internationally acclaimed band that have been recording for the last 20 years, starting from their humble beginnings as an independant band. We spoke to Jim and Alex on their new House Party plan, their journey to success, and the challenges they've faced, both professionally and personally.

* The Mountain Man: Troubled to Saint
Dashrath Manjhi grew up during the 50s in India, during the caste system abolishment and political upheaval. Despite it all he found joy in his life, as well as challenging arranged marriage rules to win over the woman he loved. It was later after their eloping that tragedy struck. His wife, Phaguniya, fell to her death off a mountain -- a mountain Manjhi set to conquer. For 22 years, he dug through the mountain manually to create a path and better passage between his poor village and the city beyond the mountains. We look at his life and the new film that has been released to capture his adventure.

* Tejano Queen: 20 Years Later
Selena Quintanilla was considered the Mexican Madonna, until tragedy struck her family band. Twenty years later, while fans are still mourning, and perpetrators still vowing for parole, we look at what happened and the effect it had on society and the world at large. Motivations of the attack are still debated to this day, but what does make sense is the family wanting to let memories live on.

* Songified Struggles
The Gregory Brothers created their own form of entertainment when they started to combine auto-tuning with memorable footage from news reports and online videos. Suddenly a net-wide argument began, when they chose footage some viewers felt should remain untouched. We seek to understand what happened. In contrast, we look at another similar auto-tune that was created and applauded, and seek to analyse why two similar cases were received differently by YouTube users.

* The Journey to Self-Love
Some psychologists say that the primary goal of humans is to grow as people and find love for what they do, who they include, and themselves, but the last seems almost impossible sometimes. Situations drag us down, people drain our energy, and we self-sabotage with self-blame or reprimands. Recently I've been questioning my own resilience and self-support and went looking for ideas on how to get closer to loving myself. In my research I came across directed journaling or journal healing, and took a program for a roadtest. Documented in this article is my experiences and the research behind journal healing.

* A Dog's Birthday
Society has evolved from old ideals that dogs merely need a bowl of food, some water, and an old cushion in the corner to be happy. Today's pets are more pampered and pet care bills are gaining momentum. The newest phenomenon is dog birthday parties -- both group and individual. This article explores the world of dog celebrations and outings to understand the joy it brings to a family and the featured animal. We meet Annie, the Yorkie, who has a doggy daycare birthday, as well as Petey who has friends come to the house to celebrate his big day.

* Movie review: Cyberbully
I've had this article in stock for a while, but it makes it no less important. Cyberbully was released last year, in an attempt to show how cyberbullying is more severe when teamed with in-school bullying as well. We meet Taylor, who although pretty and likeable is attacked over a silly prank that builds into a rumour-filled life of torture. The film received mixed reviews, however, still made an impact on society enough to cause unique voice-less videos to be made on YouTube, such as those created by Jonah Mowry.

I hope the articles are of interest, and once again, please feel free to post a comment on them. Tell us if you have a similar experience, if you know further information on a subject you wish to share, or even what you liked about the article or featured product. We want to hear from you!

Best wishes,
S. Bowyer.