Wednesday, 4 March 2015

March, 2015

And with the blink of an eye it's the start of March. The year is no longer new, but the chores ahead are plentiful. At, we are looking to increase output and contributors. Time is a currency I'm not looking to waste.

This week I wanted to feature some interesting articles about development. Firstly is a documentary about puppy growth and the important stages of an animal's life. Often we hear about puppy mills and many "rules" about dog care in their early years. Why do they exist? What happens between birth to the age of appropriate homing? In essence, what difficulties would a puppy suffer without following these guidelines that society has set for breeders and breeding programs?

The second story is one of difficulties during developmental years, namely teenage years. We look at young people with Tourettes syndrome, a condition that causes physical and vocal "ticks," or involuntary "outbursts" to sometimes simple or minor stimuli. While the condition is not considered deadly, this documentary looks at children who have unusual ticks, some of which could land them into social danger if they were not understood. For example, the reaction of yelling "bomb" when the brain is confronted by discussion or the view of an airport.

We follow the group of teenagers as they embark on the United States (from the UK) to attend a specialty camp for people of Tourettes. Their belief systems are tested, their understanding for their condition, and how they classify friendships. What happens when someone with vocal ticks meets someone with physical ticks? The result is intriguing.

As the week delves through, I'll be working on some other projects that will launch soon. Feel free to check back as the We Do section is completed and published.

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