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November, 2015

Dear all,

Welcome to another blog. I'm still unsure what to include in these, so I guess it'll be all adlib.

This month I've been working hard on study. I've got 2 large courses and a smaller course to finish in my specialising, so I really want to finish them by Christmas. I'm knocking out the assessments pretty fast so I'm on track time-wise. My specialisation is connected to one of the new sections coming to the website so it's in my goals to complete them all before the holidays. That'll give me a few months of writing to get ahead of the articles, ready for when I launch one of the new sections of the website, as well as the website itself.

Life has been very busy, but very rewarding lately. I think this will be one of the first times I'll have almost all my New Years resolutions met in quite a few years. It's a good feeling. To know what you want to complete and then to actually finish is such a buzz. There will be so much progression in my life after such a busy, challenging year, and soon it'll feel worth it all. I'll be possibly exhausted and sleep throughout Christmas, but at least my goals will be complete!

This month is featuring quite a few interesting articles, all of which should offer some different perspectives and ideas.

Parents of Primates: Darling or Danger?
There is a phenomenon that is spreading across America at the moment, and that is monkey parenting. Women are choosing to adopt and raise Capuchin monkeys as their own. These fluffy sweethearts start nice, but if not trained or cared correctly can be a burden on their families, as well as contract serious illnesses. One such case of extreme issue was the story of Charla Nash, the woman who lost her face to Travis, a human-raised chimpanzee. I sought to find out how monkeys should be cared for and if negative consequences can be avoided.

Charla Nash: The Woman who Lost her Face.
In 2009, Charla Nash was brutally attacked by her friend's pet monkey, Travis. The chimpanzee had been raised by her friend, seeming to be a good pet, until many factors caused an extreme reaction on Nash's arrival to the property. While she survived the attack, it left a lot of public opinion against the keeping of wild animals as pets. A story of bravery and medical triumph. Includes graphic images to highlight the severity of the situation.

Virtual Baby Kills Real Baby
The new documentary, Love Child, seeks to explain the death of Sarang, a 3-month old baby who died while her parents were working an online game to earn money. Their long hours in Prius, a game where "anima" or young mystical child followers assist the quester, were spent trying to farm gold to translate into real money to support their basic existence. Unfortunately, they lost their child and faced neglect charges upon their actions. Love Child explains what happened, what legal ramifications it causes, and the idea of gaming addicition and reliance on a virtual world to supply for real-life needs.

Gaming Addiction at Home
American Psychiatrists are calling for Gaming Addiction to be added to the DSM-4, the mental illness directory, after many cases have come forward, some of which have been criminal cases where the perpetrators claimed diluted responsibility due to online activities. The American Psychiatric Association have even stated that there are biological symptoms similar to substance abuse in clients who are addicted to games, and have designed a criteria for diagnosing gaming addiction. In Korea there is even a Juvenile Protection Act, banning children under the age of 16 from playing video games between 12am and 6am.  So how do we tell if someone is addicted to games? What can we do? What should we be aware of?

112 Weddings
Doug Block was a young filmmaker years ago, who soon realised that just saying you wanted to make films did not bring opportunities to your door. He decided to make some money by video taping weddings. Twenty years and 112 weddings later, he decides to visit the couples he was the videographer for years ago. It's a documentary that seeks to explain how marriage works, the modern expectations of marriage and how people adapt from the altar to the parent of a family. It's a very interesting journey to embark on.

They Were Friends -- Autism and Bullying
During 2014, a story broke that a young boy had been bullied and humiliated by two young female American teens who video-taped their abuse. The young boy they targeted was autistic and even after the police charged the perpetrators, still wondered why he wasn't seeing his "friends" anymore. I went on a search for answers as to why Autistic children are more susceptible to bullying, what precautions should be considered, and what support is available to parents who wish to bully-guard their children.

I hope everyone has a nice week, and a nice journey as we get closer to Christmas. May your shopping and preparations be as merry as the day itself. For my US readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

My best wishes,

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