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December, 2015

24th December, 2015

Dear all,

It's the end of the year and Christmas is tomorrow. Remember to hang the stockings and prepare for Santa's yearly deliveries. Also, happy birthday to all those who were born this time of year, as extra special arrivals!

The last six months have been challenging, but very rewarding. Since July I've been completing 4 units of specialisation, which I finished today. It's such a relief to have them completed. 400 hours of study over, balanced between writing articles, adding content to the website, reading and researching my new field of expertise, and a little left over for family projects and arrangements. I am exhausted! Oh, and another certificate course which I'll have finished in the next few weeks. Then a little more study and I'm free from Professional Development tasks until the end of 2016. It's always nice to be ahead of schedule.

This month I wanted to feature some articles of Christmas cheer, while throwing in some fun videos to bring joy to your week of celebrating. I realise a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas in a traditional sense, so I tried to include secular activities and subjects that people would enjoy.

Martin Spurlock of the Supersize Me fame has created this documentary to address the debt related to Christmas and the ideals of materialism that are held during the holiday season. Featuring Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping choir, who travel the department stores and share their newly-phrased Christmas songs. A documentary for anyone who thinks presents are too focused on.

This is an article about all the features of Christmas celebration and what risks they hold for our furry friends. Christmas is a time of joy, not costly vet bills, so protect your fluffy companions this Christmas and make sure you are choosing pet-safe options

Minecraft is a game of creativity experience by thousands, and addicted to by many. All age brackets have enjoyed this game immensely using mods and alterations to make the game even more fun. I wanted to feature this game -- being a player of it myself -- as one of the games to share with family and friends this Christmas. A game without gore, bad language or age limitations -- even your early starters can enjoy the simplicity, but highly adaptable game modes.

Recently, I was researching pet rescue facilities after finding some potentially abandoned kittens in our front garden, hiding under the stack of trees we've planted.  It reminded me of homelessness during Christmas and what it means to have a second chance at life. Being the time of Jesus's birth, who was a symbol of new starts, I wanted to uncover what rescue homes can achieve, and what new journeys their animals can face.

Because Christmas is about wishing the have-nots get a joyous time too! There have been many version of Annie, the musical. We've seen her performed on stage and in film, different actresses bursting out with Tomorrow and Hard Knock Life. Now, this 2014 version seeks to reinvent the musical, but the results caused a great deal of complaint when the new Annie wasn't a ginger. How far is too far when re-creating a classic?

I also hope everyone has a wonderful New Years. With a new year coming, and all my OPD studies completed, the website almost ready for full launch, and the new initiatives of ready for commencement, the next year looks to be very bright from here. May your new year seem just as promising.

Stay safe, happy and loved,


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