Sunday, 18 January 2015

January 18, 2015

After an extended holiday, it's now time to return to the things that are important, that being the pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding. Our power is but a sum of the information we store. While money can cause actions and effects, it would be wasted without a direction or cause.

This week I wanted to feature two very special people, who inspire and continue to make people think, what limitations? The first is Judge Judy, who has always been a respectable role model. Some do not like her overly-honest, brittle comments, but I believe a wake-up call is needed sometimes, particularly to those who have done wrong enough to be summoned to court. This isn't a naughty corner; this is a public, legally-binding reprimand.

Recently, Judge Judy was responsible for creating a new TV show, which turned the format of TV court shows around. I wanted to feature the new program, as I've seen some episodes online and found them very interesting.

The second story is the story of Sam. He was born with Progeria, which is a disease where the body pre-maturely ages. During 2014 he passed away, however, his parents -- both doctors -- have begun to unlock some treatments and ideas in controlling Progeria's destruction. The research may also unlock the principles of human aging, meaning we may one day discover the secret to body clocks, and how to turn them backwards. Style gurus would certainly appreciate that. As shown in the documentary, we are but a stones-throw away from delivering age-controlled existences.

I wanted to feature Sam's life and the documentary filmed last year, as so often we forget the difficulties we get to skip in life, and too busily focus on the difficulties we do. I'm not saying life is a bowl of cherries, but sometimes it helps to think of the hardships we didn't have to face. In a world of advancement, we are challenged by more stressors. That said, these advancements also mean we can escape some of the daily pressures that used to be sources of problem. For example, a parent who is concerned because their child isn't home. Call their mobile phone. A single parent who can't work outside school hours. Get a job from home.

I want to close the week with a personal thought: always listen again when you think you've heard something. The moment you take to think, might save you a world of heartache.

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