Monday, 5 December 2016

November, 2016: Welcomes and restarts

Dear all,

It's been a very busy month here at WSTS central. We have continued to develop our program, ACAWS, as well as explore some constructive marketing. I'm not overly keen on paying for print ads or online banners when there might be more creative and fun ways to advertise. The world has enough banners already! In the coming year we'll be rolling out some interesting projects to both benefit the community and give branding to our programs.

Animal Caregiver Affective Wellness Services(ACAWS) is expanding its services, due to popular demand and new resources, as well as changing its name to Absent Companion and Adversity Wellbeing Services. Same acryonym, phone number, and website, only we've changed name to reflect the increase of areas we cover. While we still offer pet grief and injury counselling, we have extended our focus to offering the same free, quality care to those who are facing grief, injury and/or disability in regards to human family members or themselves. We recognise that love does  not limit by "human" or "animal" in our hearts, nor does disability or illness discriminate, so people should have the same care and support whoever the injured, disabled or deceased is.

We have also upgraded technology to ensure more calls can be answered and clients maintained. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message and we will get hold of you as soon as possible -- in the same day. Your calls matter to us and we will be in touch as soon as we can -- in most cases, within the hour.

The website has been updated to reflect the expansion of services. New business cards are also ready. If your practice or place of business would like to display some for your clients, please contact us on Someone will be in touch to arrange delivery.

Over the next few months certain projects will be developed ready for distribution and sharing. My aim is to do something more useful for the community while getting the name out there. My mission has always to improve the lives of others, not fame and fortune. The motivation came from having a rough life myself, only to find hecklers and destructive beliefs got in my way. Instead of allowing myself to feel down-trodden, I instead put my energy into ensuring there are measures to help those in painful situations, rather than letting them swim with the sharks alone.

This month the article we are featuring is a special article about Holly Hanes, who was a patient with Ovarian cancer, who wanted to leave her impact on the world. She made a video called What Not To Say to Someone Who Has Cancer, and was an advocate and ambassador for the American Cancer Society. Sadly, Holly lost her battle, but we wanted to publish a story about who she was, what she meant to the cause and her family, and how she defined strength. A personal family story that might reflect in many other lives, but has its unique qualities - as beautiful as Holly's dimples.

Rather than presenting a bulk of stories, we wanted to focus on one very important one.

Our household has become a very noisy place, our now-16-week puppy wishing to explore our house with his teeth. He is currently trying to gnaw away at the barricade that stops him getting into the less puppy-proofed area of the home. Toilet-training is going well, as are the cuddle session, however, general respect for my belongings is still a work in progress, as he sees them as nothing but inanimate objects perfect for massaging his gums!

This month I return to part-time university to accelerate my professional standings. It's a love-hate relationship with studies, that's for sure. You want to run screaming, wishing never to see a book again while you're studying, but when you are finished, restlessness settles in. At least for me. I long to soak up knowledge and progress in life. So back to school I go! In the coming months, there may be comments that I'm sick of studies, but deep down you'll know I secretly love it.

McHappy day 2016 was the 12th of November. If you missed it, remember you can still donate via their website. Monies go to Ronald McDonald House, a national initiative that provides housing and meals to families with terminally-ill kids in hospital. The program is of particular help to rural parents who have to normally stay in a hotel or other paid accommodation to be close to their children in city hospitals, which can greatly affect the family who might be losing out income being away from home and work. It's a great cause, as often we forget that medical expenses sometimes include travel, work inconveniences, and distance challenges.

This month marks Thanksgiving for American people, however, not in Australia where no peaceful meal was shared between native and invader. That said, it doesn't mean we can't use this time of year to be grateful - or every day if we wish. Finding things to be grateful about is nourishing to the soul. What 10 things are you grateful about this year? This week? This month?

May your lead-up to Christmas be merry. If you don't celebrate such events, I instead wish you a happy summer.

My best,
The editor.

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