Monday, 26 December 2016

Dear all,

It's the time of year we feel inclined to take stock of our lives, consider what the last year has afforded us, and what changes we can prepare. Personaly, I spend the time taking a break only to miss the chores I have, which further helps motivate me in developing what more I could be doing with my time, or processing where I could be saving emotional, physical or mental energy. A time of reflection, but also a time of self-evaluation.

With changes to my family situation this year, it was brought to my attention there were things I wanted to introduce. New family members - and new beliefs of others - inspired me to bring in new traditions. One of which is a Christmas eve midnight snack to celebrate the turn of the day to the 25th. A nice comforting meal to soothe the soul, tantalise the tastebuds for the coming day, and give time to talk of memories. As well as the re-introduction of Christmas movie inclusion as remaining family members love musicals as much as I do. Why not have a good fashioned sing-along? It's good for the spirit!

My goals for the coming year include many new projects which will be produced and developed during the start of 2017. The new year for me is about efficiency - not multi-tasking. Pure focus and control on tasks to complete them to create room for the next project. There's a theory that there is no such thing as multi-tasking, as humans are not able to focus fully on more than one thing. My new goal is to test this - can pure focus speed up the process and move us to the next project quicker, then the same ground is covered as multi-tasking, only goals are reached more effectively? I'm curious.

I've also returned to study in a graduate program. While I'm testing efficiency in my life, my  professional growth has become quite important too. The year ahead will be busy, but anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm passionate about doing as much as I can in life as physical ability permits. As I progress through my years, it only fuels it more.

My new years resolutions are plentiful as they are most years:
1. Finish reading one book per month.
2. Keep up-to-date with my studies and never linger too close to deadlines.
3. Commit to me time and commit to recharging tasks.
4. Research, build and promote new website project #1.
5. Finish writing books.
6. Publish and promote fore-mentioned books for distribution.
7. Publish and promote new WSTS section.
8. Record video content for websites.
9. Learn the ocarina
10. Finish our new kitchen.
11. Release blogs and articles more timely.
12. Write at least 40 new articles this year.
13. Spend less energy on toxic people and spend the time productively.
14. Sparkle.

I want to wish everyone a great holiday season, whatever faith you belong to - or don't belong to. May you have joy and love during this festive time and enjoy the time you have to yourself, too.

Best wishes,
The editor.

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