Saturday, 27 February 2016

ACAWS is born!

Dear readers,

     It's been a crazy week and I've been exhausted. So much to prepare and complete ready for the new launches that are occurring this month.

     The big news is the new phone service I'm launching. With my mission being assisting the community, I wanted to create a service that I felt would support an area that was lacking, which complemented my training and experience. The new phone service provides free counselling for pet owners and their families, who might be facing a terminally-ill, missing or deceased pet. We also cater to people who are victims of animal-related accidents or crimes, meaning we also service animal careworkers.

     Named ACAWS (Animal Caregiver Affective Wellness Services), the phone line will provide immediate counselling four hours a day, with the opportunity to book appointments at other times. We also offer call-backs for rural and interstate clients, who can supply a landline, or we offer Skype counselling. We're supplying these options as we want care to be free of charge -- completely free. So often in society people miss out on care they need because they can't afford it. Our mental health is on a continuum, meaning what we treat now will not implode later.

     All staff are recognised by the Australian Counselling Association, meaning quality controls and further career progression is required.

     ACAWS help treat pet owners and caregivers who need assistance in their trying times. Our goal is never to dismiss the pain, but to help clients in understanding their reactions, finding a new definition of life without their beloved furry/feathered/scaled companions, and build a solid coping skillset to aid in future disappointments. Grief often shapes how we handle all of life's dramas, so having a good coping plan always sets us up for more success in our lives, particularly our personal lives.

     For more information, please see

     So now you can see why I've been so busy over the last few months. I had extra training to finish up, as well as all the business trimmings such as business cards, brochures, phone services to arrange, and finalise my business goals and procedures. I've been a busy little bee! will continue to provide quality, original content. I've got articles written in advance. More busy-ness, but that's the way I love to be when I can manage it.

     All my best,

     The Editor.

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